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Outpatient Counseling Services

Outpatient Counseling Services
Access number: (908) 310-5169 or (973) 383-8670

Outpatient Counseling Services are now available for persons who desire session-based help for substance use and mental health concerns. 

Current appointments are being scheduled regardless of your location by telephone and televideo. If you seek substance use counseling in Elizabeth, you may opt for in-person sessions. Others may access in-person counseling in Newton.

Please call the access numbers above for more information. Counseling is available for young people. All insurance is welcome including Medicaid. Bridgeway behavioral health counselors are available for secure talk therapy sessions during a range of convenient days and times. Bridgeway counselors are engaging and effective. They will help with depression, anxiety disorders and other potentially long-term problems.

Serving 11 NJ Counties