A System of Mental Health Services



Partial Care, Day Rehabilitation Program
Union County and Sussex County


Union County Phone: (908) 355-7200 Fax: (908) 355-8853
Sussex County Phone: (973) 383-8670 Fax: (973) 383-8676


Bridgeway’s Partial Care program is a day rehabilitation program providing psychiatric rehabilitation services in a freestanding community based setting. The program offers daily clinical, prevocational, educational, social, and support services as a bridge between emotional illness and productive active living. The program provides a range of recovery oriented services that address the holistic needs of the person in recovery including an opportunity to work on personal, social, vocational, wellness, and educational goals, with a focus on helping individuals to connect or reconnect with valued roles, to live as independently in the community and to prevent the use of more acute psychiatric services. The program operates on the tenet that all individuals when given support, skill training, opportunity, and encouragement can learn to live more independently and be more self-sufficient.

Program Services * No one is denied services due to lack of insurance or inability to pay

  • Illness and medication management and recovery training in an individual or group format
  • Access to Bridge to Wellness primary care services
  • Wellness Activities; Nicotine cessation, nutrition, exercise, relaxation
  • Person centered planning
  • Social and recreational services
  • Supported Education

During an intake and assessment period, people will glean both an understanding of Bridgeway's philosophy of treatment and structure of the program. This will assist people in identifying personal recovery goals which will lead to a more focused rehabilitation.

Eligibility - Adults 18 and over who have experienced psychiatric illness consistent with DSM-IV Axis I diagnoses. The person served demonstrates impaired functioning in at least one of the following domains on a continuing and intermittent basis for at least one year:

  • Personal Self Care
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Work
  • School
  • Ability to live in the community
  • Ability to acquire and/or maintain safe, affordable housing and is at risk of requiring a more restrictive living situation.
  • Co-Occurring mental illness and substance abuse


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