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What does Bridgeway do?

Bridgeway helps people with mental illness in 7 treatment delivery models:

1. Intensive At-Home Treatment - Bridgeway deploys teams of multi-disciplinary psychiatric and wellness professionals to the homes of people who need intensive step-down treatment at home. This is sometimes known as PACT or RIST when persons served are leaving in-patient treatment to continue recovery in their homes and communities. Intensive in-home support is also provided through the Supportive Housing program. Please click on SERVICES and go to your county.

2. Early Intervention Services - Bridgeway delivers Crisis Intervention Services in Jersey City and Psychiatric Emergency Screening Services in Somerset County.

3. Case Management Services - Homeless Outreach, Intensive Case Management Services, and Justice Involved Services (Union County).

4. Day Rehabilitation Services - Monday thru Friday Day Rehabilitation programs in Union County and Sussex County.

5. Integrated Behavioral Health Care - Integrated behavioral health care is a model that brings together mental health and primary care providers to deliver comprehensive care for patients' physical and behavioral health needs. This model can help to improve patient outcomes, reduce stigma, and make it easier for patients to access complete care.

6. Education and Career Services - Supported Education and Supportive Employment services are available. Please see Services tab for specific counties and eligibility.

7. Outpatient Counseling Services - Outpatient Counseling Services are now available for persons who desire session-based help for substance use and mental health concerns. In-person and telehealth options are available

Who is eligible for Bridgeway services?

Everyone is potentially eligible depending on what forms of medical coverage and payment methods they have access to. Each treatment delivery model has specific eligibility requirements for those who are covered by Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance. Please see the Services tab for program eligibility descriptions. Also, treatment services are available as self-pay services on a case by case basis.

Does Bridgeway have in-patient care facilities?


Does Bridgeway have housing? Group homes?

No. Bridgeway has access to housing vouchers for people who meet the Homeless Outreach/PATH/Supportive Housing criteria. Please see services tab for specific counties and program eligibility.

Will Bridgeway help me determine if I am eligible for Medicaid/Medicare?


Can Bridgeway help me get a job?

Yes. Please look for Career Services and Supported Employment in the drop-down menu under the SERVICES tab on the homepage.

Does Bridgeway treat substance abuse?

Yes. All individuals have different diagnoses and needs, so each person will be assessed for eligibility.