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Outpatient Portal Access
Client Portal Use Terms and Conditions

The Bridgeway Behavioral Health Services (Bridgeway) Client Portal offers secure viewing of medical records and communication with our staff to those Persons Served that wish to use it. The following sets forth the conditions for use of the Client Portal. You do not need to use the Client Portal, but upon using the Portal you acknowledge that you have read, understand and consent to the following terms and conditions of use. Bridgeway has the right to change or amend and or update these terms and conditions. You will be notified of any changes. Your continued use of the Portal serves as consent that you agree to any changes. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions you may choose not to use the Client Portal.


Access to this secure Client Portal is an optional service. It is your choice to use, or not use the Client Portal. There are no obligations to use the Portal. If you choose not to use the Portal it will not affect your services in any way. Some of the information that you submit to the Client Portal may become part of your permanent medical record.

DO NOT use the Client Portal to report an emergency or any urgent issues that you may have.
USE the Client Portal for:
  • non-urgent questions
  • to access lab results and other allowable portions of your medical record
  • appointment reminders and requests
  • to request your medical records
  • to request changes to your demographic information
When using the Client Portal you agree to:
  • only submit information that is true in nature and not provide any information that is misleading or false
  • not transmit any files which are known to contain any viruses

From time to time informational material may be posted in the Portal. This information is not meant to be medical advice and should be reviewed with your physician or clinician.


To ensure your privacy Bridgeway will keep your email address private and will not share your email with any other parties, unless necessary, to carry out healthcare operation. Bridgeway staff will not answer questions submitted on the Portal or send protected health information by regular mail that are of a highly sensitive nature. Any sensitive questions or answers will be conducted by a follow up phone call to the Person Served.

To assist with your privacy, Bridgeway will ask you to:
  • verify your email address
  • assure that you have the correct information to access the Client Portal
  • ask that you not share your user information with anyone not authorized to access the Client Portal and immediately notify us if you know of any unauthorized access
For additional information please refer to the Bridgeway Notice of Privacy Practice.